Lake Hayes Remediation Assessment, New Zealand

The problem

The local community was increasingly unhappy about the water quality of Lake Hayes which had become saturated with excess nutrients from historical farming practicesAlgal blooms caused by excess nutrients releasing into the lake under certain climatic conditions were restricting its popular use for recreational swimming, boating and fishing. Environmental engineers identified options to remove, block, or flush the excess nutrients. Otago Regional Council needed to know if it was worth spending money to clean up the lake. 

How we helped

We conducted an economic (benefit cost) assessment of three options proposed by environmental engineers to clean the lakeOur evaluation weighed up the costs of capital and operating expenditure (weighted by the probability and degree of success) against the expected increase in recreational and amenity values. We consulted with local groups that used the lake and presented our findings to the public. 


We demonstrated that it was economically justified to invest in cleaning the lake, and that the economic benefits exceeded the costs of the cleaning options. This helped the Otago Regional Council decide to proceed with the clean-up, ensuring that the local community will once again be able to enjoy the lake for recreational purposes.

Our team

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How can we help you?