Castalia is an approved training organization for the Foundation Level of the APMG PPP Certification Program

January 17, 2024 |

The APMG PPP Certification Program seeks to strengthen PPP good practice worldwide by creating a global standard of knowledge and common language for PPP professionals to develop, implement, and manage PPP projects. The Program includes the CP3P credential and the PPP Certification Program Guide.

The Program consists of three levels: foundation, preparation, and execution. For each level, practitioners must complete an exam. Upon passing the three exams, participants can become CP3P Certified PPP Professionals.

There are two options to prepare for the exams. Practitioners can access the Program Guide and Approved Training Organizations (APOs). Development partners designed the Program Guide for self-study. Practitioners can also receive training from approved training organizations like Castalia. We are authorized to deliver training in English and Vietnamese for the Foundation Level Exam. Castalia will deliver the first training in Vietnamese in February 2024.

The Guide covers developing PPP frameworks, identifying and screening PPP projects, project appraisal, tender structuring and contract drafting, tender process management, and project delivery. The Guide includes best practices worldwide and covers underlying principles applicable to emerging and developing economies. Additionally, while the Guide covers all PPP models, it focuses on privately financed PPP models due to their level of complexity.

Practitioners can download the Guide on APMG’s website. The PPP Guide is currently available in 12 languages. Most recently, Castalia translated the PPP Guide into Vietnamese.

You can reach us at to learn more about registration openings and for information about the program content and training logistics.

Stay tuned to our website and LinkedIn, as we will share information about program registration dates.


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How can we help you?