Dar es Salaam Water Lease Dispute – ICSID, Tanzania

The problem

Biwater Gauff (BGT) sought $25 million in compensation from the United Republic of Tanzania, alleging that the Government’s move to take back Dar es Salaam water services was expropriation. The Government felt justified in canceling the 10-year lease contract held by BGT, on the grounds of poor service delivery, and wanted to avoid paying compensation.

How we helped

Castalia provided expert evidence on the matter of quantum of damages, showing that the value of BGT’s investment in Tanzania was nil. We developed a discounted cash flow model and drafted expert witness reports. During the hearings before an International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes Tribunal, in April 2007, we provided expert testimony under cross-examination.


On 24 July 2008, the arbitral tribunal issued its final decision n this case, declaring that the Government had violated the terms of its bilateral investment treaty with the UK. However, BGT was not awarded any monetary damages.

Our team

David Ehrhardt

David Ehrhardt

Chief Executive

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