Market Study for Infrastructure Opportunities, Colombia and Panama

The problem

Conalvías, a Colombian construction company, was looking for opportunities to build its business in Panamá. It needed market intelligence on business opportunities, as well as the challenges and risks involved in pursuing them.

How we helped

Castalia conducted a market study of opportunities, identifying near term potential market opportunities in energy of US$3,764 million, ports (US$510 million), roads and bridges (US$1,892 million), and water and sanitation (US$273 million). We also identified the main competitors in each of the sectors, and the risks and challenges in each sector, and Conalvías’ competitive advantages. We recommended a strategy to increase market share by building on the areas in which Conalvias had competitive advantages.


Conalvías used the information provided to develop its strategy for expanding its market share in Panamá.

Our team

David Ehrhardt

David Ehrhardt

Chief Executive

How can we help you?

How can we help you?