Mombasa County Infrastructure Plan, Kenya

The problem

MOWASCO, the water utility serving Mombasa, only supplied water for fours hours a day on average, and only served 10 percent of the city’s inhabitants. There was a plan to increase water supply by building a big new dam, but it was feared that, given the poor state of MOWASCO’s network, much of the water would just leak away. Moreover, MOWASCO seemed unlikely to be able to generate the revenue needed to pay for water from the new dam.

How we helped

We developed an institutional structure and business plan to enable MOWASCO to deliver safe and reliable services. To do this, we developed and costed plans to expand water and sewerage networks and treatment plants. We identified key interventions to improve performance and ensure financial sustainability, and recommended improved governance and management structures, along with incentivized public management and public-private partnerships.


Mombasa County selected a preferred institutional structure for MOWASCO that would provide the right balance of autonomy, accountability, and incentives. MOWASCO has partnered with Kenya’s Coast Water Services Board and Coast Development Authority to develop the Mwache dam.

Our team

David Ehrhardt

David Ehrhardt

Chief Executive

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How can we help you?