Prioritization System for Capital Investments in the Water Sector, Mexico

The problem

Mexico’s National Water Commission (CONAGUA) lacked tools to prioritize projects cost-effectively. This federal agency manages Mexico’s budget for capital investment projects for water resource management. Lack of systems meant that capital-allocations were sub-optimal and did not reflect the social priorities.

How we helped

We designed a system to prioritize capital investment projects for Mexico’s water sector. To do this, we selected the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) as the most suitable prioritization system for CONAGUA’s needs. We adapted the AHP to CONAGUA’s priorities in water resource management, and built prioritization models that rank projects based on six criteria (economic, environmental, institutional capacity, political, technical, and social). We worked closely with CONAGUA staff to build capacity and ensure the system’s implementation.


CONAGUA uses the system to prioritize its financial support to projects, so it can finance projects which will deliver maximum social benefits for the funds available.

Our team

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How can we help you?