Sustainable Water Augmentation Plan for the City of Cape Town, South Africa

The problem

In 2018 the City of Cape Town was running out of waterDay Zero was a real threat, the point at which the city’s water supply network would be turned off and residents rationed to 25 liters of water each, collected from distribution pointsThe immediate crisis was addressed by the restriction of water use and average rainfall in 2018. However, the City did not have a consistent, robust long-term strategy to ensure that there would never again be a water shortage.  

How we helped

Castalia helped the City develop a long-term strategy by showing them how to do robust scenario planningWe recommended the City set the desired reliability of supplydevelop an augmentation plan to meet the desired reliability, stress-test the base-case plan under other scenarios to develop a robust plan, and calculate the insurance premium implied by a higher reliability of supply, and reassess the plan if it is not cost-benefit justified. 


With Castalia’s advice, the City was able to publish a draft strategy in February 2019, and has taken measures to ensure reliability of supply by assessing potential sites for a desalination plant 

Our team

David Ehrhardt

David Ehrhardt

Chief Executive

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How can we help you?