Brian Samuel

Senior Director
  • Washington, DC, USA
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BSc Economics (Upper Second Class Honours) - University of the West Indies Mona (Jamaica) Diploma in Shipping Management - Norwegian Shipping Academy (Norway) Certified Diploma in Accounting and Finance - Association of Certified Accountants


Brian is an experienced economist, who specializes in the private financing, development, and execution of projects globally across energy, water, telecommunications, transport, agriculture, and urban infrastructure.

He has worked across the Caribbean and Africa, mobilizing over US$300 million in infrastructure projects.

Before Castalia, Brian was the Head of Regional Public-Private Partnerships at the Caribbean Development Bank. Brian worked at the International Finance Corporation (IFC) for 20 years, where he was responsible for financing businesses, providing technical assistance to financial institutions, liaising with donor agencies, and representing IFC during government consultations and negotiations. He also held executive positions in the Government of Jamaica and the private sector, working to deliver blended finance projects.

Brian is passionate about facilitating collaboration between public and private sectors to improve infrastructure services globally, particularly in vulnerable countries, to deliver sustainable, reliable, resilient, and affordable services.



If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be?

Without a doubt: cockroaches

What’s your favorite book and why?

“Song for my Father: A West Indian Journey” – because I wrote it

How do you recharge?

By going sailing, reconnecting with the natural beauty of the Caribbean and the uniqueness of its people

How can we help you?

How can we help you?