Webinar: What to do about stranded assets in conventional electricity generation

July 19, 2018 | Energy

Castalia Senior Advisor, Jonathan Walters, participates in a panel discussion about how to approach stranded assets in conventional electricity generation as an emerging issue for policymakers around the world.

The rapidly falling costs of renewable electricity generation (and decarbonization action in line with the Paris agreement) will result in substantial asset stranding over time. This panel analyses what the options are for investors and policymakers, by calculating whether scrapping conventional generation assets is cheaper than continuing to operate them. They discuss how fast stranding is going to happen and whether investors will realize the speed with which it is happening when vested interests and emotions are at stake, and few energy sector players have equal knowledge of all energy technologies.

Finally, the panel looks at what policy-makers should do.

To watch the webinar, click here.


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How can we help you?