Evaluation of Facility to Promote Health PPPs, New Zealand

The problem

The UK Department for International Development (DFID) had funded a facility to help developing countries with public-private partnerships for health services. This facility—part of the Harnessing Non-State Actors for Better Health for the Poor (HANSHEP) program—was funded by the IFC to design and implement health PPPs that improved access to affordable, quality health services for the poor, women and girls. However, concerns arose as to whether the facility was achieving these objectives. An independent review was sought.

How we helped

Castalia evaluated all 24 projects supported by the facility. For operational projects, we determined whether they had been effective in achieving the Facility’s objectives, comparing available results for the projects against their targets. For projects that had been terminated, we examined whether the rate at which health PPPs progressed towards operational implementation or were terminated was materially different to the success rate of other PPPs. We found that the projects supported by the Facility which achieved implementation generally achieved HANSHEP objectives, while the project termination rate was in line with PPP transactions pursued by IFC in other sectors.


Castalia’s independent review of the Facility confirmed its broad success and identified ways to improve future health PPP project. As a result, IFC increased its support for health PPPs.

Our team

Alex Sundakov

Alex Sundakov

Executive Director

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How can we help you?