Freight Forecast Due Diligence for Inland Multimodal Terminal, Australia

The problem

Stockland, a major property developer in Sydney, planned an inland port and multimodal terminal at Moorebank on Sydney’s North Shore, but needed independently verified projections of likely throughput to underpin its business case.

How we helped

Castalia developed an end-to-end model which compared the cost of delivering containers via an inland port to the cost of direct delivery to customer premises. The model was used to verify Stockland’s business case and to identify key risk factors.


The US$1 billion Moorebank Logistics Park reached financial close in January 2017. Construction is underway. The terminal will enable 1 million shipping containers to be transported from Port Botany by rail instead of road each year, taking about 3,000 heavy truck movements off Sydney’s road network every day. Stockland sold its 55 percent stake in the development to Qube in 2012.

The client


Our team

Alex Sundakov

Alex Sundakov

Executive Director

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How can we help you?