Increasing Live Cattle Exports to Asian Markets

The problem

Farmers in Australia’s Northern Territory exported livestock, but had become too dependent on the Indonesian market, which accounted for 81 percent of all livestock exports. This put the industry at grave risk from interruptions to access to the Indonesia market.

How we helped

Castalia developed a diversification strategy for farmers in the Northern Territory. We forecast demand across South-East Asia for the types of cattle farmed in the Northern Territory and considered competition from alternative supply sources. We analyzed the trade-off between adding value from additional processing in Australia against market demand for live animals due to local regulations and consumer preference for buying in “wet” markets. We advised the government of the Northern Territory on its role in promoting diversification of export markets through mechanisms such as international veterinary agreements.


Our work paved the way for diversification of livestock export markets, with increases in sales to Vietnam and the Philippines.

Our team

Alex Sundakov

Alex Sundakov

Executive Director

How can we help you?

How can we help you?