Andreas Heuser

Managing Director
  • Wellington, New Zealand
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MLB (summa cum laude) - University of Cologne (Germany) LLB - Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand) BA Political Philosophy and German - Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)


Andreas co-leads Castalia’s Asia-Pacific practice. He specializes in energy sector strategy, water sector reform, and natural resource economics.

Andreas works at the intersection of law and economics, advising private and public sector clients on institutional design, infrastructure strategy, competition and regulatory policy as well as business strategy. Andreas is currently Chair of the New Zealand Government’s Technical Advisory Group on water sector reform.

Prior to joining Castalia, he was with the New Zealand Treasury where he led advice on urban infrastructure, natural resources policy, housing affordability, commercial transactions and savings policy. Andreas is a qualified lawyer and has worked in financial institutions and at top tier firms in Europe on cross-border transactions and international arbitration.

Andreas is most interested in applying economics and analytical rigor to help clients develop smart solutions to their challenges.

Key Projects


What are your hobbies or interests? 

Music and arts governance – I am a member of the Boards of Chamber Music New Zealand and of a touring opera company

How do you think the world will change in 100 years?  

Humanity will continue to demonstrate an ability to adapt and find distributed, ground-up solutions to our challenges. I am looking forward to seeing what those solutions will be, and being part of developing them with Castalia

What has been your favorite place that you’ve traveled to? 

I enjoy travelling on consulting assignments to Asia/Pacific countries to see first-hand how our work can make a difference

How can we help you?

How can we help you?