Peter Hoogland

  • Sydney, Australia
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BBus - Curtin University (Australia)


Peter has many years’ experience in economic regulation of infrastructure.

He is an expert in the areas of: electricity and gas networks; development and operation of wholesale and retail electricity markets; and public fiscal policy. He has advised market participants, regulators and government policy makers on the design of regulatory frameworks and the establishment of markets, as well as privatization of infrastructure across all sectors.

Uniquely, Peter has worked as an industry participant as well as for governments on energy regulation and energy market development and reforms, and now advises both governments and participants. While working at New South Wales Treasury, Peter was involved in developing and implementing new governance arrangements and an enhanced regulatory framework for the Australian National Energy Market.

Peter is fascinated by change and reform. Understanding why successful policies, in hindsight, always appear to have been inevitable. Understanding why finding the answer is the easy part of the solution; the challenge then is to make everyone involved believe it was their idea.


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