PPP Gender Toolkit is Now Available

March 21, 2024 |

PPP Gender Toolkit Cover

We are thrilled to announce that the PPP Gender Toolkit is now available. The Toolkit is an initiative between the World Bank, the Global Infrastructure Facility, and The Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF).

This toolkit provides practical tools and guidelines for governments, PPP practitioners, multilateral development banks, and private sector stakeholders to develop gender-responsive PPPs. Gender-responsive PPPs incorporate design features, measures, and specific actions to reduce gender inequalities within the community stakeholders that the project directly or indirectly affects.

Gender-responsive infrastructure PPPs enhance women’s economic participation and alleviate their burden of household chores, enabling them to engage in education and income-generating activities, ultimately contributing to poverty reduction and higher household incomes.

While acknowledging the complexities of addressing underlying causes of gender inequality, the toolkit advocates for measures that aim to close gender gaps by improving women’s human endowments, providing better job opportunities, enabling asset ownership, and enhancing leadership and agency.

Each module corresponds to a part of the PPP Project cycle: identification and screening, appraisal and structuring, transaction, contract management, and transparency and auditing. This facilitates the integration of gender considerations into existing processes.

Each module provides an overview of PPP stages, best practices for integrating measures to address women’s specific needs, illustrative examples, and tools for implementation. For each tool, there is an explanation of why it is useful, and when or in what contexts it should be used. The tools presented in this toolkit include templates, standard text, checklists, processes, and guidelines.

We are honored to have collaborated on such an innovative project that will enable multilateral development banks, Governments, and practitioners globally to design and implement PPPs that help to address gender inequality through infrastructure projects as well as help financiers, investors and project developers to make gender informed investment and management decisions.

Download the report here: PPP-Gender-Toolkit

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